A Message from the VA Community to the Infinite Flight Community

Before people on the Infinite Flight Community start flagging this, hear me out. Every opinion deserves to be heard.

To start, this is not a post in which people comment on the stupidity or appreciate the decision of removing the VA custom callsign, there is a time and a place for that, this is not it. This thread is for the Community to see the support the VA Community has, the appreciation we have for each other, and valid reasons why taking away the VA callsign would be hurting the community greatly.

With the 20.2 update VA callsigns such as CAVA001, BAVA294. UVAL266, AAVA9915, etc are going away.

As a VA Founder and current President as well as a member of 14 VA’s, I hold firm the belief and power the VA callsigns hold. VA callsigns are an excellent tool, just by looking at someones White, green, or beige tag I can see the work they have put into becoming a VA Pilot, I can see that the VA exists, I can see just by scanning the airfield the beautiful range of Virtual Airlines and Virtual Organizations that make up this great Flight Sim.

With the removal of VA callsigns, the VA community is deeply wounded. While I understand that this is a WIP, I understand that you can go through the tedious process of switching your VA/VO affiliation on the IFC if you are in many, I understand that you can go through the lengthy process of clicking on everyone’s little plane icon on the map to see their VA affiliation, however, I believe progress should be made where VA/VO synchronization is important within a simulator. Even more, some VA’s bank on the callsign as a marketing scheme to get VA pilots.

Infinite Flight has a community of well over 1500 VA pilots. The 1500 VA pilots joined the VA for a sense of community with one another, the simplicity of being able to see a friend with the same callsign as you create a friendship within the communication tool such as discord or slack that could last a long time - that’s how I met some of my friends.

So please kindly respond below your love for the VA Community, lets show the whole of the IFC, Staff, Regulars, Mods, TL1. 2. how much we all care for one another and kindly state the importance of having a VA identity is within Infinite Flight.

Now that the topic has been re-opened it is more important than ever to share what these callsigns mean to you. It truly may be a last-hope.

Please see this response from Philippe:


Thank you Misha! and Jarrett I can definitely agree on your end that this is frustrating for VA CEO’s. But I believe the devs know what they are doing and a fix may come in the future as the community is strong and then again we are the ones paying for live mode and the app. But This is a wonderful topic that I strongly agree on.

And IFATC is now allowed to report people win inappropriate callsigns and if they don’t change it.


Well said, Agreed!


Huge respect for you Misha! I’m looking forward to the debate:)

Also, huge thank you for addressing this point @JarrettFlies, 100+ likes in just over an hour is fenominal and you can just see how many people are going to be affected by this.


I just want to thank Misha for opening this, it honestly means a lot. Before people post ignore the fact it was once closed! Focus on the reasons why the VA community is impacted!!!


As someone who’s in a lot of VAs, I love flying under their unique callsigns. It’s a way of showing how much I enjoy flying for them, as well as a sense of pride. It also gives me the chance to show off the VA to other flyers in the skies. For mass VA events, it’s a chance to flex our group and our pilots. I certainly hope there’ll be a nice solution to all this!



I 100% agree with you @JarrettFlies!

Thanks for reopening Misha will be interesting to see how it tuns out.


Thank you so much Misha! This means a lot to me as a new VA CEO. This VA community has turned into a family for me. I remember when I started ages ago and now in September 2020 as a VA CEO what a difference it’s made in my life. The people make it great and that is complete facts. It has become a part of my life now. The family here is unreal and I mean unreal. If your ever questioning joining a VA don’t even question just do it! ❤️


Awesome to see this open. Just keep in mind guys, please discuss peacefully and calmly. I personally would not like this to be closed again. 😉

My two cents:

When you fly with a VA callsign, you feel proud. You’re carrying the VAs reputation on your shoulders. We’re just gonna have to figure out a new way to show that.


God speed, VA’s.


👍🏽👏🏽 love this
great job Jarret
100% agree


The fact that this was re-opened gives me a bit of hope that the devs will listen.

That said, a VA callsign is more than just identification. It represents the work someone put in to be able to use that callsign, the community standing a user might have, or might even say something about the skills a user possesses. These aspects of the VA callsign contain significant value in the community, and by removing the ability to utilize it, it is heartbreaking.


First and foremost I will point people back to Jason’s reply to the tracking thread. You can find it here:

Please also read this blog post:

We re-opened this as we understand that people feel strongly on this, and we want to make sure you can have a chance to voice your opinions. I will reiterate what Jason said and say this system will evolve over time. It was a necessary change for several reasons and we understand it makes things difficult for some users.

As you give your feedback, please make sure you are respectful, coherent, and form it in a way we can utilise. Please understand that this is for feedback.

Thanks everyone!


The VA community is an integral part of the IFC, with this callsign update our identity is being taken away, I feel proud to have BAVA in my callsign, when we do group flights it is an easy identifier and cannot be taken away!


Just as a note to @JarrettFlies thank you so much for making this ❤️


We’re not kidding saying this. We are Very well aware of these things and will work on improving this.


Then again Misha, isn’t the Display name what is displayed above your plane, not the callsign, but where most IFC users put their IFC username??? Because that display name is the issue. The General aviation callsign isn’t.


It cycled. It was never “just” one of them.


Understandably there will be an evolution as time goes on, but in the meantime, if we were to be left in the dark, don’t expect us not to raise our concerns, especially if this borderline infringes on our sense of identity in this community.

Granted there are reasons which I fully agree with which prompted the change of callsign, but I hope that the developers listen to us on this particular topic.

Our callsign is more than just a callsign, it’s an identity, it’s a badge of honour, most importantly, it’s who we are. As cringey as it sounds, I’m proud to fly with the MHVA callsign given how much time and effort I’ve put in with them, not to mention that countless number of friends I’ve made along the way.