A message from Russian community!


Hello! I represent the Russian Infinite Flight Community. As I know English I have been asked by fellow members to translate this message, so here it is.

Dear FDS, Thank you so much for adding Transaero livery for the A380! We really appreciate it! And we are happy to pay for these awesome features! Please add Sukhoi Su-35! We really need it for the development of our Russian community. But many people don’t play Infinite Flight because there’s no Russian planes! Please, please, we really want to see Tu-154, IL-76, IL-96, Tu-204 MiG-31, Tu-160 and also more Russian airlines liveries. We understand that every new aircraft is a really big job for you, but we hope that someday you will hear us and start developing them.
If you add Russian planes to Infinite Flight, the number of Russian fans will increase-I GUARANTEE. Thank you for the work you’ve already done! Your Flight simulator is the best! Please, we hope you will hear us.


Ok for your planes:

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, eh, YES.

A Tu-160 would be amazing! We need a ton of Russian airliners-Tupolev Tu-134 also.

Airbus fanboys are complaining that they don’t have many aircraft in the game, but there are no Russian ones at all!

Best, Boeing707

Хорошо для самолетов:

Да, да, да, да, да, да, да.

Ту-160 было бы удивительно! Нам нужна тонна российской авиалайнеров Ту-134-также.

Airbus фанаты жалуются, что они не имеют много самолетов в игре, но нет российских вообще!

Лучший, Boeing707


No need to translate buddy ;) as I said, I know English and I can translate everything to fellows


Awesome. We have come up with a “community understanding” that if you don’t know English, you can write your text in your language, then use Google Translate or another translator to post a translated English version. This let’s everybody talk on the forum even if they don’t speak English.

We’ve had one guy that only speaks Spanish, and we’ve been talking to him just fine thanks to Google Translate.



No I’d actually really like to see a SU-30, but I’d also like the SU27 and the Mig29. ;)


Lol russians are cool people in my book. I don’t like their leader except when he is in memes (sorry!) but I know many cool russian people.

Best, Boeing707


yeah me too! That’s why i didn’t write “man the battle stations”


Personally, I’d love to see the -154 (was a mainstay of our civil aviation together with the IL-62 for so long!), and I got to fly on it years and years ago when I still lived in Russia, so there’s some nostalgia there at least - not to mention it’s a heavy tri-jet T-tail, it would probably handle quite a bit differently from the typical twin-jets that are around (for example, even the 717 is giving people a run for their money - I quite like it myself, but it’s got a very different character :) )

And of course the T-50 or Su-35 would be awesome fun. I favour the latter here, seeing as it’s such a classic fighter and one of the few aircraft that pushed the 4th-generation airframe type to its complete limits. Traditional aerodynamic model + thrust vectoring = a lot of fun things to do in the sky, that’s for sure :D

Those would be my picks if I had to say just 2. The list of suggestions could be infinitely long heheh