A Message from Center Controllers

Hello Everyone,

I attempted to control the center position at WSSS on advanced today. I feel like Center is a very under controlled position, but in real life it is completely necessary to have. The role of a center controller is to ensure

  1. Pilots don’t crash mid flight

  2. Relieves approach controllers

  3. Create more direct routes to airports

More info here

So in Infinite Flight it is used for all three of the reasons. Unfortunately with smaller maps and not the entire world like in real life, our jobs are even more difficult.

Reasons it is very difficult is because of the pilots. (The main point of this post)

We ask from now on if you see center online please keep these in mind!

What altitude you are at? FL310 31 nm out from the runway isn’t going to cut it… Make sure your altitude is reasonable to the route. FL200-FL220 is a good altitude to stick around.

What is your speed? 561 Knots 20 nm out is also not acceptable. Us controllers have to be extremely precise when controlling approach, center, and departure. When you are overspeeding, making turns is even more complicated for us.

When flying on advanced, don’t put your device down! Many times I noticed pilots not following instructions. If you are going to let API do it all, Fly solo. We make you turn because we need to make room, remove and danger/threat or make the flight shorter or more direct.

Frequency changing? ALL CONTROLLERS will tell you when to change frequencies (Ground being the only exception.) DO NOT change frequencies automatically. We will tell you when to change.

Spamming of flight altitudes? We will tell you when to descend. Asking to descend is greatly appreciated when they are used correctly. But not for spamming controllers.

This is just some of the things I found. Now, please be courteous while you fly!


This is very true and beneficial guys. Thank you David for posting !


I requested descent to KLAX Center yesterday, but nobody answered me. On Playground.

same here I panicked so I contacted tower

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You don’t say.

They aren’t professional controllers

Make a change and #flyadvanced :D


a wise guy

1600XP more and will go there.

A good rule of thumb for knowing what altitude you SHOULD be at while flying is : multiply your nm away from your destination with 300. 10nm x 300= 3000 ft. 30nm x 300= 9000ft. Etc


Need more controllers filling center. Full service ATC brings out the full potential of live ATC in IF.


Great !

You’ll see a whole different Centre on Advanced.


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How does ATC Center know when should I start my descent?

that’s a good question .I think nit might depend how fast and how far you are from the runway

We calculate everyone’s decent into an airport wether it’s approach or center controlling you.


I was close

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ok quick question…I enjoy doing a long distance flight, so I get the experience of a realistic climb to Cruise level as well as realistic descent and approach phases of the flight. In order to do this I make an a flightplan that will go say from EGKK to EGLL, however I will fly around the edge of the map in order to achieve this. Will the centre controller take this into account when they are looking to “shorten my flight” or will they vector me straight round to LHR Approach…?

But again, that all depends on your flight distance, FL200 is not reasonable for a 50 NM flight.

@David_Lockwood No, we will at many times let you fly as filed, but sometimes we have to make small adjustments to keep traffic flowing at a reasonable rate.

If it’s an FPL around the map we will let you fly it and when you are coming closer to the airport, we might make small adjustments, as I said.

Thanks, yes that’s perfect! When I am near TOD I have a look at the map to see what the traffic patterns are like on approach to my airport and adjust the flight plan as needed…as well as listen out the ATC instructions!

The IFATC guys do a great job!


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