A Message About Liveries

Hi everyone!

As we all know, Infinite Flight is currently making the A350 as well as reworking the B777. However, while we get these new aircraft, I would also like to see some new livery additions to older planes.

I’d like to see some additions to the game, such as, Vistara’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and A320.

ANA’s B777-300ER and B788 & B789 are quite important to the fleet. Even if the Dreamliners are not there, at least the B777-300ER would be nice.

Air China has so many liveries and yet there are very few Air China liveries. It would be nice to have an option.

These are a few of the examples I have for the flights. I already know that the staff and admin try their best especially with demand for the A350 and the B777 and Cessna rework.

So I only have one question: Could we please have a big livery update after the A350 and B777 rework? It would be quite nice to have one.


You’re more than welcome to create feature requests for liveries you wish to see/have. Keep in mind, the liveries you may be requesting may have a topic already open. Just continue the discussion in those topics if you could please. Thanks!