A memorial

I did this little heart for a fire tanker that crashed yesterday.
Sorry for it being a little lopsided.

Flight details.

Aircraft- DC10F
Livery- Fire tanker
Cruising altitude- 10,000ft
Flight time- 30min
Server Expert.


Very cool for you to do this! Sad that person died


Ya, I was flying when they crashed. Luckily it was only 1 but still sad.

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We got a report of some fire tankers flying over an area we were supposed to go.

It’s really unfortunate and sad to hear that a plane crashed. Even if it only took one life, that’s one life too many. The family and friends of the pilot are in my heart, my best wishes to them.

Nice tribute. And this is the first time I’ve heard of a crash in #screenshots-and-videos.


Ya true, I only heard about it that night on local news.

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I can’t find anything related to a tanker crash but cool.

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Look up emmet fire tanker crash you will find it.

IDK how I didn’t hear about this.

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This is the article i think

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It is the article.

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