A member of the IFATC is now an Airline Pilot! Wanna ask him questions?

Today I’ll be interviewing for the second time, Dale McLaughlin, who has just recently started his career at EasyJet, on the A319/A320. The interview is in 1 hour, so if you have questions for Dale, please submit them here. Cheers!


How big of a financial gamble is pilot training considering new pilots aren’t paid massive amounts?


Is the hiring structure of EasyJet the same as Ryanair and Norwegian?


What is an average flight schedule for short haul low cost airline pilots?


How does Easyjet schedule flights for you to fly on? Are you a short haul or a long haul pilot?

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EasyJet long haul…wow 🤦🏼‍♂️


What made you pick easyJet over other British airlines - British Airways or RyanAir?


Josh is incredibly important to your life and is much beloved. On a scale of one to ten, how awesome is he?

Here’s my real question. At the end of the day, you worked hard and gave up a lot of your time to achieve this goal- what makes you go back and think that it’s all worth it? What is it about flying that just clicks with you?

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RyanAir… Thats a easy answer… British Air… xD

Yeah I through that one in for variety, was a more focused on the British Airways part though.

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Did you get a choice of what airline you flew for? What others? If no, would you have chosen a different airline?

Just a general something I’ve always wondered, what piloting wise are the major differences between two similar models of the same family, such as the 319 and the 320. Is there much of a difference in how they handle and how you as a pilot handle them, particuarly in the critical phases of flight?


New Question;
Where did you complete your flight training? Was it a third party ,like CTC or directly through easyJet. Aswell as this, what prior qualifications did you have when applying to easyjet?

From talking with pilots, I’m pretty sure A319/20 is the same type rating with Airbus. A321 is a new rating but fairly easily attainable. I’ll definitely chat with Dale about this. Thanks!


What is your favorite thing about the A319/A320?

Yep, thanks for the info, definitely food for thought. Looking forward to an awesome episode as per usual.


Were you training on Infinite Flight before/while you were training with Easyjet?

Did ypu fly the A319/A320 in Infinite Flight?

Definitely not an easy answer… RYR pays well, you can build a ton of hours very quickly, and they have a modern fleet!


Wow that was quick 😂

~What is the difference between being based in the UK or any other European country if there is any.

~Do you have any plans to fly long haul flights?

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The weather is worse