A massive thank you to the Beta Testers

I thought I should post this before the A380 and 24.2 is realised. I would like to say a massive thank you to the Beta testing team who I imagine have been working like crazy with the development team to iron out and test the massive A380, I can imagine they have worked her hard to find any issues.

As a community we appreciate the work you put into the app and you all inspire me to do my part in the community to help the app become a even better one. Once again thanks for the hard work 😀✈️


This project has been a big undertaking for the infinite flight and beta team so your appreciation is appreciated. ;)
I think I can speak on behalf of all of the beta testers we’re looking forward for this one to be shipped to the public!


Anytime I know you do a lot of work behind the scenes so I thought I’d show the appreciation from the community


Nice topic! They are doing underrated work in my opinion. It’s nice we show some love to them, they ensure we have a polished end product in our hands,together with the devs and artists!


Beta testers are the guardian angels of new updates! A round of applause to them!


Indeed they do there part for the community and I feel don’t get the recognition they deserve, developing the app is one part the other is the hours upon hours of testing and breaking the app to make it the quality we expect 😁


Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.
We do our best to help make those Updates as good as possible and we can not wait to see y’all enjoying the product. its worth the wait, believe me🩷


I just wanted to show some appreciation to you all, I’ve been playing IF since 2014 and had live since 2018 so I completely understand and appreciate the work which goes into the SIM, I know I haven’t said much but I know it goes along way, I know I would feel humbled if I was on the Beta team 😊. I’m looking forward to the update once again thanks for everything you do !


It’s always a proud moment for the team when we get to see everyone flying an aircraft we’ve helped to test. It’s not quite as glamorous testing sometimes as people think, but we experience the issues so that you don’t have to.

But of course, the main thanks go out to the development team. We’re just here to tell them what’s broken so that they can fix it

We are all looking forward to the release just as much as you are!


Of course I completely agree !, it’s a massive shout out to the entire development team. Countless hours have been poured into the update 😁. From what everyone has said it’s going to be an amazing update !


Beta Testers deserve more love 🗣️🗣️🗣️


The entire development team and Beta testers do. It’s easy for us to complain that a update hasn’t met expectations or there isnt enough liveries/airports etc. even people getting frustrated about the A380 not being released yet. There’s probably a lot going on behind the scenes in development/planning. I think we should stop for a moment and just thank and show our appreciation to the folks who make the app awesome and fun 😊🎉✈️


Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re doing our best to get all the stuff ironed out for release! It’s not glamours ironing everything g out but it’s coming along!

The developers are the real ones to thank, they’ve been working hard on getting all the feedback corrected.

Cheers once again! See you in the skies!


Do you and ideas on how to become a beta tetser?


It’s invite only, and really a case by case basis depending on the user and what they bring to the table. Usually it’s years of commitment to the community and a background in something helpful to the beta process of development.


Thank you for the kind words! ❤️

The first time we received the A380, it was a mess haha. You should’ve seen us trying to land the thing 😂

But the developers are the real hero’s here!
With the feedback we’ve provided, they’ve managed to tweak the A380 as much as possible to replicate the real thing. A lot of correcting was done, can’t imagine it was easy. A huge team effort for sure!

Super excited to get it released to the public! Definitely worth the wait! 🤗

Thank you for the appreciation! :D


I would love to say thank you to all the developers!! Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated!!


I was about to ask the same question. Thanks for answering it @Asher

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Thank you for the kind words!🤗
We’re all extremely excited for y’all to get the A380, it’ll be well worth the wait!
We do everything we can to ensure the update will be as awesome as possible, at least we try to break stuff so you don’t have to😁


Anytime we are all excited as a community for the update 😁

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