A Mari usque ad Mari - A C172 Canadian Cross Country Journey

Hello Infinite Flight Community,
With the upcoming December update (including the anticipated rework of the Cessna Skyhawk (C172)) I am planning something huge. Canada is a big country, spanning over 9000km (5700mi). Following the Canadian motto “a Mari usque ad Mari” (from sea to sea, denoting that Canada spans from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean), I will venture to fly from the westernmost city, Beaver Creek, Yukon, to the easternmost city, St. John’s, Newfound & Labrador. This journey will consist of multiple 1-2 hour legs all flown in the anticipated, new C172. This is because the longer the flight, the more likely my old iPad is to crash.

If you are interested in joining me on this journey, feel free to join me on any leg. I will post an update on this thread and a thread in #live:groupflights everytime I start a new leg. Some legs will be IFR (with a flight plan that can be copied), and others will be VFR. The purpose of this journey is 1.: to practice my flight skills in the C172 while in my real-life flight training and 2.: to explore the beauties the span of Canada has to offer. This is not a planned event, and legs may begin as early as 5 minutes after the posting in #live:groupflights, so stay posted if you are interested in joining me.

Hope to see you all out there!
Kyle Tam

Status: Waiting for C172 rework
Total Distance Flown: 0km (0mi.)
Total Flight Time: 0hrs
Distance from Start (CYXQ): 0km (0mi.)
Distance to Finish (CYYT): 5376 km (3340mi.)

Leg From To Type Community Members who joined
# **** **** IFR/VFR **********

Will be updated when the journey begins


Cant wait to see this! I’ll try to join you along the way! 🇨🇦

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Good luck! I might join you.

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Wow that’s amazing! Good luck to you sir.

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Now that the update has rolled out, I will be posting my legs in #live:groupflights very soon. Stay tuned!

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