A Margalicious, margita themed FPL Event, You'lll never guess what happens

This is is my photos from the event for the tribute to @mwe2187 retiring. I flew for Malaysian airline virtual. The event was made by @Jon_H . Details can be found in this link-

Aircraft- B738
Flight time- 2:20
Here are my photos

With the boyz at the terminal

Taxiing to the runway

Lest skip a few hours cause nothing eventful happened til now where a fellow VA member can real close to me

On Downwind [ Can you see DFW?]

on a parrallel landing

on a Di-parrallel landing? Tri Landing?(KLM was for a touch n go also this is what happened< did ya guess it?)

The only Big Bois at the event

Me pulling into the gate with @Jon_H parked next to me

A unique tail shot

AND finally a group shot

Hope you enjoyed it and once again Thanks to @Jon_H for organizing this event for @mwe2187. I wish him good luck on his future endeavours

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Thanks for joining the event to show some love for dear MWE. And love the screenshots - nicely done! 🤘



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