A Maldivian Departure

When Male was featured I did a flight from Male to Bangalore. Which i had done in 2018 IRL


1 hr 30 mins
Inidgo A320

At the Gate

Holding short for a srilankan a330


While Srilankan vacated Aeroflot 77w is on short final

Stare down

Does the 77W seem scary now while staring into the soul of your a320
  • yes
  • no
  • get me OUT OF HERE

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LEt us just appreciate maldivian scenery

And a moon shot while descending in Bangalore

A TBM doing patterns in Bangalore while i vacate


Loved your pics! Especially the landing A330. The Maldives were busy that day, weren’t they?

Not that much and Thank you

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The approach into the Maldives are beautiful. I encourage you to keep posting in this topic :)

Thank youu!

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Hmm, maybe just turn the graphics back to high next time when you do screenshot?
Anyway that 77W staring at the babybus nearly caused my heart attact. XD Good work mate!

i tried that but my device can max handle medium before crashing

Oh… I see