A lovely flight down to LGRP well sort of

Just a quick easyJet flight to LGRP with a friend

Information about the flight

Aircraft: Airbus A319
Airline: easyJet
Server: Expert
Route: EGKK - LGRP
Flight time: 3:01

Here we go!

  • Parked at the gate

  • Holding short while friend takes off

  • Great shot of him climbing out

  • I rotate out of a cold Gatwick

  • Ladies and Gentlemen we have reached a cruising altitude of 36,000ft

  • I had to divert due to personal reasons and diverted to Thessaloniki. We have begun our descent

  • Another cheeky moonshot at 10,000 feet

  • Touchdown in Thessaloniki

  • Parked and the Pax are leaving

Thank you so much for viewing I hope you enjoyed!
See you in the skies!


Nice moonshots. Hope you had a fun flight.


I did thank you!

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Those moonshots🔥😍 nice diversion as well😉


Thanks mate what a beautiful diversion indeed!

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Amazing photos and I hope your passengers weren’t too upset for diverting!

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Not really after seeing the approach into Thessaloniki and also who would be upset about diverting to such a beautiful destination!

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Exactly! They will get over it 😁

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