A LOT of well, that @EPWA

Since the rest of the crew decided to post all their topics from the weekend, it’s time for me to post my photos which may or may not have been taken two months ago, but that’s a minute detail which can be neglected

Before all the LOT carnage starts, here is a Qatar A320 coming in from Doha, this particular flight was the summer morning flight to Warsaw

Just to mix things up a little more, this here is a Smartwings 737-800. You know it’s a Smartwings plane because it says Smartwings on the side (I’m so smart)

Now on to an interesting one. A whiteout livery, with an Irish registration, operating a flight on behalf of Lufthansa Cityline. I’m not one to judge

And finally, the good stuff. A LOT E175 coming in from Vilnius, which my sister then ended up taking to Amsterdam

Another E175, this time already pushed back and taxiing out to depart to Düsseldorf

Now to stir the pot again, a Wizzair A321 taxiing by departing for insert random city name of your choice because I forgot

This E-175 (yes there is a common theme) came in from Gdańsk and the follow me car is just an added bonus

And to round out the E-jet story, that same plane from a different angle sitting on the ramp waiting to deplane

I’ll just wrap it up by saying this is the poor man’s Huntington Beach, and I take no responsibility if I start a war about that between the group


yeah chat you’re packed up


dobry zdjęcia!!
(nice photos)

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You will join us for Season 3 of the group’s meetup in Japan or you’re BANISHED 🗣️🗣️💯💯💯

cool photos ❤️


Shall not be in attendance because you don’t want to go to Madeira. And I have class that weekend in march so no go anyway



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