A lot of questions

Firstly I don’t believe infinite flight has reached to a realistic position. Second I have a question.
When ever you Go
To the wing view position the sound is not an interior sound it’s an exterior and why ? That completely drops its realism. Why is like this? Please someone tell me. Thanks…

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(I think) Only the Devs know …

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The wing is outside sound because it’s not a view from inside the cabin.


First things first , of course it not going to be as realistic. This is an app for for Apple and android apps alright what do you expect , it’s not going to turn out to be like FSX . In my opinion It’s pretty realistic, global is coming out soon and it will be a big hit.You don’t see so many apps with global flight do you ? And the wing view is on the exterior of the plane that’s why :) if you don’ t like infinite flight then don’t use it :)


Infinite Flight is a work in progress- each update brings it a bit closer to being a full-featured flight simulator. Naturally for a variety of reasons there are some things that are not implemented, implemented in simplified form or have some errors in implementation; time, resources, data and technical knowledge available at the time, platform limitations, business requirements - all these things have some effect on why we have some features and not others. Make no mistake though - realism is the ultimate goal for the development team and it will get there. I’ve used this sim since 2012 and it has come a very long way from where it started (physics, visuals, functionality have all been greatly improved - this is without mentioning Live mode).

I can only speak for myself of course but I’m sure this will relate to many; I love Infinite Flight not because I think it’s perfect; I’m well aware of its limitations. However they have an awesome dev team that engages with its community and has created almost it’s own social network based around love of aviation; and secondly, the community itself. That aspect is virtually unparalleled at least for mobile flight sims

In regards to the wing view, as others have mentioned it’s an external camera, not a camera within the passenger cabin. Therefore the sound there is external sound as well.


I understand you mate but IF is still progressing. If you want this feature to be added then create a topic under feature and maybe they’ll consider adding what you want.


Pretty sure that’s cause the camera is on the outside of the aircraft, not the inside. That would probably explain why you hear exterior noise in contrast to interior.

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