A LOT Better Than I Thought: Trip Report

Hello IFC!

Here I present to you a ‘Trip Report’ of my flight from Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland to London Heathrow Airport, Great Britain.

The flight was LO279 and was operated by a Boeing 737-89P, Registered SP-LWC.

I sat in seat 6F and was satisfied, the window was in a perfect position.

Ok, Let’s start off with a picture of the outside of the plane, I would’ve shown the airport and such but there is a 10 picture limit, so I put all the relevant parts in.

What surprised me is that even though I flew with LOT, I had a bus gate. There was a flight to Tel Aviv with a Boeing 737-800 (SP-LWA) which had a physical jet-bridge. This was bad as my grandma has problems with her leg so walking down to the bus from the terminal then up to the plane was a pain. We did it anyway :)

I would’ve shown the view as I got on the plane but, 10 picture limit.

Anyways here is the takeoff from Warsaw Chopin! It was actually the smoothest takeoff I’ve ever been on, with rotating at 148 knots the pilots glided the Boeing 737-800 into the air, Goodbye Poland.
I also need to mention, This plane really did roar when taking off, I loved the sound tho haha.

Here is LOTs diverse fleet of aircraft, It also says that there is a Boeing 737-700 with a LOT livery when it’s actually a Blue Air livery. (Long-term lease, the plane is registered SP-LUA)

I wish I could’ve flown on the Boeing 737 MAX or Boeing 737-400, but it was what it was :)

Here was my meal for today’s flight, A sandwich with Ham, Pickles, Lettuce, and mustard. I’m not a pickle guy but this sandwich tasted amazing. There is also some tea which is free along with a Grzeski chocolate wafer which tasted amazing too (and was free also, the crew was handing it out). I paid 15 PLN for the sandwich so this was actually a very cheap but good meal. DO&CO you’ve done it again!

Here are LOTs amazing routes, they actually have a lot of routes and they go to interesting places as well, I need to try another route with them one day!

Before I knew it, we were descending to London Heathrow after a 2-hour flight. This was actually sad because I was enjoying the flight but they had to ruin it for me by descending ;(

The descent had quite a lot of turbulence as did the flight, I’m not sure why there was so much turbulence. In my opinion, made the flight quite fun haha

Here was the cabin of the 14-year-old Boeing 737-800, When I saw pictures on google of it I was quite disappointed, but In real life, the cabin looks very clean and solid with the new seats really making the aircraft look nice! It is a really cozy cabin and I’d recommend it, but the MAX/Sky Interior cabin is still better ;)

Here is the descent down to London Heathrow, Here we are diving through the clouds back down to earth! The view was honestly something else amazing and out of this world.

Here is the final approach to runway 27R at LHR! This is the city of London and I even have a picture of the Shard, the biggest tower in the UK. This was quite a beautiful and scenic flight.

Touchdown! Here is a picture of the Boeing 737-800 landing on runway 27R at London Heathrow. The landing was a grease and the plane was slowing down rapidly, looks like the polish pilots like their reverse thrust to be powerful ;)

TAKEOFF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7TwDkP-4og

LANDING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG-Tos3SMo4


You should change the title to " a LOT better then I thought "


Great review! LOT is a nice airline, which shouldn’t disappoint that often

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Great report!! Your title should’ve A Lot better than I thought. 😂 bud dum tiss


Rip we had the same idea. XD

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Lmao you beat me too it.


I might do haha!

I agree, they should be recognized a little more.


737s have amazing takeoff sounds

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They do indeed. They need a lot of power though,.pilot was throttling up way more than normal.

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The proper term would be “Butter” not “grease”, anyway nice trip report and of course nice pictures. I hope you had a fun flight, I was tracking you for a while on FR24 btw xD.

It wasn’t a complete butter, you could feel the wheels touching the ground but the aircraft didnt shake or bounce in any sort. Also thanks :)

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LOL. but true

Wow, that photo of your approach overlooking the buildings is just… amazing. Nice title as well. ;)

The title is an @Marc style pun.

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Yes, it is haha :)

In real life it was way more spectacular, I wish I could’ve seen it more. But recording and taking pics is more important ;)

I’ve uploaded the takeoff and landings, you can watch them now. (look at bottom of report)

Glad to see you enjoyed your flight! Would love to see more trip reports from you! 😉🥳

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Thank you! I prefer the writing out Trip report over the video ones. I’m better at the writing ones ;)