A look into CYTZ and SBGR in 21.1

Here’s some shots I took at the two airports

CYTZ (Toronto Bishop)

SBGR (Guarulhos)


Thanks @XuanyanYe, I forgot to switch categories 😑

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Awesome to see CYTZ getting some love.


Me too! Always loved Porter and its Dash 8’s.

Just saw you vibing in a Porter Q400 at CYTZ a few minutes ago! I was accross the airport in an Air india A320, realistic, i know


If they rework the embraers and maybe add the e145 and e140 Bishop will become a more diverse place. Still awesome to travel to! Also nice shots!


I think I saw you too, I hope you’re enjoying the beta!

Amazing pictures of CYTZ and SBGR.

I wonder why the devs decided to go with CYTZ instead of CYYZ??

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I also fail to see why

I’m not complaining tho

Yeah, I agree. Also welcome to the community!

Thanks! I’ve had a nagging sense to join for a while and it’s been a very good experience so far!

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