A look back at the first Departure/Arrival at DIA

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I just happened to come by old airports (closed and/or abandoned). I read about the Stapleton International Airport, an airport that onced Served Denver as the main airport into Colorado before Denver built the airport we know today as the Denver International Airport

Stapleton International has many issues:
-Runways too close
-Aircaft had to wait for a gate to open
-Limited Gate Space (No larger than a DC-10).

On February 27, 1995, CO34 (Continental Flight 34) to London Gatwick was the last flight out of Stapleton.

The next day, February 28, 1995, Denver International Airport officially opened to air traffic.
UAL1475 from Colorado Springs was the first arrival into DIA and UAL1062 to Kansas City was the airport’s first Departure.

DIA has come a long way then. Here are some news videos I found on YouTube

First Passenger Flights into and out of DEN

Last hour’s at Stapleton Airport before closing

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Oof I was at the spaleton restaurant today they kept the tower

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I heard it looks cool. Are you allowed to go to the top of the tower and look out?

Sadly no but there removing all the ATC things ang putting a observation deck it’s coming soon

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Was DIA the previous IATA code for today’s DEN?

Does that mean Denver International Airport’s ICAO was also KDIA and then was changed to KDEN?

Or what DIA/KDIA Stapleton International Airport?

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DIA was never an IATA for Stapleton or Denver International, thats what us locals call it ;)


I’m not a local, but I know about the meaning DÍA lol

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