A look back at a busy month of flights

My last picture post was having a crack at weather editing , tbh not really my thing.
So here’s a selection of some My favourite snaps from a busy month of IF flights .

1.LOCATION -Arriving, Crosswind landings YSSY
DATE / AIRCRAFT -Sept/Air Asia A330

2.LOCATION -Arriving, Dubai International
DATE / AIRCRAFT -Sept/EKA380 & EK777, Holding Short.

3.LOCATION - Arriving into LAX
DATE / AIRCRAFT -Sept/Garuda MD-11, China Southern 777L Holding short.

4.LOCATION - Mach One Loop
DATE / AIRCRAFT -Sept/X2 C-17s, low level formation flying.

DATE / AIRCRAFT - Sept/ x2 Departures same aircraft, & same route heading for YSSY.
Qantas / Virgin V1 Rotate.

6.LOCATION - SFO, Parallel Departures
DATE / AIRCRAFT - Sept ,QR & AA 777/A380 climbing out simultaneously (right place right time)

DATE / AIRCRAFT - Sept, SQ A380 climbing out heading for YSSY / 777 at the gates awaiting push.

8.LOCATION - Amsterdam International Schiphol
DATE / AIRCRAFT - Oct / buzzing airport 777s delight

9.LOCATION - Ayers Rock Arrivals
DATE / AIRCRAFT - Oct / VA737-800

10.LOCATION - Ministro Pistarini International
DATE / AIRCRAFT - Oct / Aerolineas Argentinas 737-800 rotating out


Nice pictures!

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Great pictures and an incredible big variety of planes, thanks for sharing!

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These are all so stunning. Amazing job, such a variety!

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Your parallel flight wingman is Gud :)


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Thanking you very much

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Thanks butter boi much appreciated

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no problem :)

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That virgin pic with the 4 planes looks amazing great work!

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😊hey thanks very much

Absolutely stunning to say the least! Also I love your PFP 😂

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Haha thanks very much @JacksonAviation

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