A Look at the new Pilatus PC-12 NGX

Recently had the opportunity to check out a brand new Pilatus PC-12 NGX that stopped by my local airport. I was hit by that new plane smell (that we all love) right as I stepped inside and discovered that this one in particular had only been flying for a few months since coming off the factory line! Very cool experience of an even cooler airplane! Who knows, maybe we’ll see it in Infinite Flight one day?


Really cool looking plane, nice tilt to those photos!

Nobody saw it in #general.

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I was hoping nobody saw that haha. Whoops!

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You’re good, lol. 😂

Wow, those photos are amazing, the quality is top tier. Nice job! ❤️

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Great aircraft! Handles like a big C172, not the fastest out there but it’s not always about speed is it? 😂

Ooooooo! Those photos looking 🔥

Thank you! New telephoto lens is coming in clutch for sure.

Guess it depends on the context haha, but I’ll take the NGX over a 172 any day.

Thanks! But can’t take all the credit, the Pilatus is extremely photogenic.


PC-12 is one of my favorites! Excellent short takeoff and landing performance and enough power and capacity for just about anything a regular person could need. Avionics suite is also wonderful, even on the older models. I’ve never had a complaint about it except that it’s a single engine aircraft. I flew on a PC-12/47 a while back quite a few times, and I loved every moment of it. Definitely not surprised it’s still being upgraded to this day.

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This is like a TBM (engine), plus an Airbus (raccoon cockpit), plus a CRJ (t-tail). Beautiful!

I am in love with the new cockpit!😍
The PC-12 is one of my favorite airplanes in the GA private sector.

Geeeez. That first one is awesome. Love the shots 😍

This is especially true in the NGX model. Was talking to the pilot and he mentioned some stupid low number like 700ft that he could take off in. On this day in particular, the winds were pretty gusty and favoring the runway, so he managed to get off in about that distance, if not shorter. It was incredible to watch, to say the least.

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Never thought if it that way, but I see the similarities!

Same here. The full glass cockpit adds to the sleek design.

Profile pic checks out 👌

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Ooof! I want one irl and in IF 😍 it’s GORGEOUS! This definitely should be on the next ‘to-do’ list of the developers. I would definitely fly that beauty every day!

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700ft sure breaks any takeoff run I’ve been on so far. Still, if you push the aircraft it won’t lag behind at all. It’s part of the reason the PC-12 aircraft is so enjoyable, and I wish I could get my hands on the NGX

It honestly looks a lot like the TBM.

Made in Switzerland! 🇨🇭😍


when i saw the pilot i thought about jeremy clarkson for some weird reason. nice images tho!


Wow. These images are wonderful!
I am just after an English class