A long test flight @PHNL - 200200ZAPR16

  • Aircraft and Livery: 787 family (Boeing livery or Generic)

  • Route: PHNL - EBBR

  • Time of Departure: 2020-04-17T02:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information:
Flight Plan

PHNL ATINE BERLE ZIGIE ZOULU ZEMOM 3300N-15300W 3500N-15300W 3600N-15300W 3800N-15300W 4000N-15300W 4200N-15300W 4300N-15300W 4500N-15200W 4700N-15100W 4800N-15100W 5000N-15000W 5200N-14900W 5300N-14900W 5500N-14800W 5700N-14700W 5800N-14600W MDO ARISE JOH GKN ORT FYU POTAT SIKBU SUTNO SIGPI 7700N0-8900W 7800N0-8400W 7800N0-8300W 7800N0-8200W 7800N0-8100W 7800N0-8000W 7800N0-7900W 7800N0-7800W 7800N0-7700W 7800N0-7600W 7800N0-7500W 7800N0-7400W 7800N0-7300W 7800N0-7200W 7800N0-7100W 7800N0-7000W 7800N0-6900W 7800N0-6800W 7800N0-6700W 7800N0-6600W 7800N0-6500W 7800N0-6400W 7800N0-6300W 7800N0-6200W 7800N0-6100W 7800N0-6000W 7800N0-5900W 7800N0-5800W 7800N0-5700W 7800N0-5600W 7800N0-5500W 7800N0-5400W 7800N0-5300W 7800N0-5200W 7800N0-5100W 7800N0-5000W 7800N0-4900W 7800N0-4800W 7800N0-4700W 7800N0-4600W 7700N0-4100W 7700N0-4000W 7700N0-3900W 7700N0-3800W 7600N0-3300W 7500N0-2900W 7400N0-2600W 7300N0-2300W 7100N0-1900W 7000N0-1700W 6800N0-1400W 6700N0-1300W 6500N0-1100W 6400N0-1000W LARUX MY PEMOS 6000N0-200W SUM FORTY ODMIX CUTEL ASKAM PELET GOLVO VENAS SOTUN LARDI TOPPA AMGOD MONIL TULIP EBBR

Flight time is at max 15:30. Winds look like they will be in favor of us at takeoff the flight time could be 12:45.

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