A Long TBM Hop From The Southern Alps to The Tropics of New Caledonia

Queenstown to Noumea

The past few weeks I really haven’t flown in Infinite Flight much but I’ve been looking around for some scenic flights to do. I thought about something in South America or the Caribbean, then I tried to fly Kona to San Francisco in the TBM, but in the summer the winds aren’t strong enough, so there’s is a TBM sinking somewhere in the East Pacific Ocean. I like doing really random routes in the TBM, and after doing some random looking around I found a route that would have awesome scenery, push the TBM to the limit and be all around fun to fly. The route was Queenstown to Noumea. Noumea is the capital city of New Caledonia which is a tropical French territory in the Southwest Pacific Ocean (You’re welcome because I could’ve clickbaited and said I flew the TBM all the way from New Zealand to France lol). Queenstown sits right in the middle of the Southern Alps and it always a stunning airport, and the approach into Noumea through the turquoise tropics of New Caledonia was awesome. I’ve posted the TBM twice before and both have become two of my favorite posts, and I think this one will join them (Those other TBM posts are Here, Here and Rick Astley is Here)
Flight time was 5 hours and 9 minutes, and I landed with about 30 minutes of fuel remaining.

Flight Details

Queenstown to Noumea
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At the stand in Queenstown on a chilly Winter’s morning

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Turning North away from the small tourist town flying North for warmer weather

Climbing above the peaks of the southern alps.

At 27,000 feet we enjoy our last mountains views before crossing the coast and looking at blue water over the Pacific
After an hour over open ocean we overfly a small island, called Norfolk Island about 900 miles off the Australian coast. Ironically, this Island is part of Australia, but only sees commercial service from Air New Zealand which flies to Sydney and Brisbane, but no longer Auckland after that route was cut in 2017 due to lack of demand.

We start to descend toward New Caledonia after 4 hours and 45 minutes and the water becomes crowded with turquoise coral reefs

The island comes into view as we fly toward Noumea over the aptly named Coral Sea

Gear down on final approach as the mountain backdrop meets the warm tropical sea

Popping the tires and breaking the landing gear as we slam onto the runway in Nouméa!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

No quiz today but more of a fun fact because I couldn’t figure out how to make this into a quiz

New Caledonia has the most plant and animal diversity in the world per kilometer because of the Central mountain range on the island that allows many species to find niches and places to thrive!


Thats unusual lol 😂

Great pictures!


Great photos Noah!

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Awesome shots, love the way you captured the NZ scenery :)

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TBM is easily the most versatile game plane ever made, fight me.

Glad to see someone enjoying it, if you can’t tell I love that plane 😜


Nice Flight can’t really imagine a Long GA Flight like this no wonder why the TBM is so good infinite flight

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Beautiful photos Noah!!!

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@AviationFreak yeah it sounds weird to us people living in the Northern hemisphere 😂

@Elefanths thank you!

@Aero I love the scenery around New Zealand, it’s some of the best in the world!

@KPIT it definitely is! It has good speed and can fly for a fairly long while! It’s super fun to fly. Just impossible to land lol

@GameBoy_KIRB I love the TBM because of its range, it’s a lot of fun because you can fly between far away airports and to small interesting random airports

@MJP_27 thanks Mason!


Awesome pictures! I have so much #screenshots-and-videos topics I need to catch up on lol. Hope you had a great butter!

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Thanks! And no, I did not butter, I can’t land the TBM to save my life 😂

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That first photo was absolutely breathtaking

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Thank you! The views around Queenstown are absolutely breathtaking too

Some really stunning pictures too. I especially like the third and fifth one, but they all look really good!

I also learned tons of things about the area I didn’t know about before. Thanks!

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Thank you Julian! It was fun looking up information about the area because I learned new stuff too, I’m also happy that someone actually read it 😂

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Fourth one is the best. For whatever reason the tag was it a bit wierd

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Cool shots with the TBM!

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Wow, absolutely amazing bro!!

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I’d just like to say that these are amazing photos and definitely deserve to 34 likes that have already been received

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Great work on those shots! They look really good. However, I think you meant “hop” in the title, not “hope”? I’m sorry, I just had to point it out. If I’m wrong, then I’m sorry for getting into your business. But if I’m right… then I’m just a fellow community member that LOVES to make sure others titles are grammatically correct and spelled the right way. 😂

Enjoy your day (or night)

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@Ur_Friendly_Approach thanks! (Sorry for the late response, I forgot about this), the tag was weird for some reason, maybe because I put it in the blur

@Captain_Ry @Danilo_Henrique thanks guys!

@Liam06 thanks! That means a lot 😃

@Bmoney326 haha I didn’t realize that, but yeah I meant hop not Hope lol