A long one! @KSFO 282100ZFEB20

Hey IFC πŸ‘‹ Today at 2020-02-29T02:00:00Z, I will start an overnight flight from KSFO to NZAA, and I wanted to see if anyone would like to join!

  • Aircraft and Livery: United Airlines 78X

  • Route: KSFO to NZAA

  • Time of Departure: 2020-02-29T02:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information: Spawn in 10 minutes before the event. Gates will be given out after people sign up.
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I’m up for this. I will see you there. My callsign will be UVAL 224

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Alright. You can have gate G95.

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Got it. Thanks.

Wish I can come but I can’t, maybe next time though

I will be spawing in 5 minutes late at 2055 instead of 2050Z
Ran into A PROBLEM there

@LongHaulGuy you got your times wrong. 282100ZFEB20 was about 5hrs ago (14:00MST) but you have in the thread the time of 19:00 (07:00pm MST).

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I am in now.

Ok nevermind I see you. My intial cruise is going to be at FL350 winds looking good there.

Copy my FPL. We will climb straight to 38,000. VS: 2,500 Speeds under 10,000: 245 Above 10,000: 300
Cruise: 0.85

I will lead so just wait.

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