A Long Haul Journey

Yesterday I flew on the expert server from RJAA-KEWR with a flight time of about 11:15 in a UA 789.
let’s get started!

Airborne for Newark.

Climbing out of Tokyo with Mt. Fuji in the background

Bye bye Japan 🇯🇵

A sunset over the pacific

Over the Canadian Rockies

Desending into Newark

On final

Buttering the landing

Arrived at Newark 15 minutes early

Bonus from @Butter_Boi

Overall it was a very good flight and my second ever long haul. Glad you can see this!
Hope you enjoyed

What was your favorite picture?

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The poll is open!

This sunset is spectacular. This is my fav pic.

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed. Now I know why everyone likes to fly the UA 789

What’s going on with that climb rate??

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That’s why I PMed you, because I knew it would make a great addition

I vote for that lol

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+2800FPM is what the tutorials said. That may not work when fully loaded. Also I think I may have put it up then down really fast

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No, that’s more than likely the ROC when you first take off. As you get higher in altitude, your ROC decreases.

Looks like that must’ve been a beautiful sunset

Yes, It was!

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wow, that last photo is stunning! @Butter_Boi, you should start charging for photo editing.
Great shots @Aviation2929!


Thank you.

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I think I should. Lol. 😛


I remember this