A Long Haul Fly-out -- **My First Flyout** @OMBD - 050030ZJAN19

My first Flyout, photoshoot and event! Today

If you wish to join, to which I will highly be pleased, Think about the following…

  • Additional Information: Only 1 of each livery, in regards to the A350, may be used.
    And, if it is of your pleasing to utilize, the 787-8, you can only use the Avianca Livery.
    I will use the Emirates livery.
    And, lastly, the final details will be given on a group PM that I shall create.

I would like to invite @Ecoops123, @ran, @TaipeiGuru, @Butter_Boi, @thenewpilot, and @DanyyRude.

Thank you!



I’m currently not flying long haul with much traffic due to a device issue meaning I’m limited to 1 low quality device. 🙂

@Ecoops123 Maybe you could just… do the start of the flight?

I really want you there!

you said 12:30 ZULU I checked what Zulu is and its showing 7:30am Jan 4, But its 4pm Jan 4

Hate to say it, I’d rather not use an online flight and also I’m busy for the night working on projects. 🙂

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See you!

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Hi! Please follow the correct group flight format! Yours needs to be @OMDB - 050030ZJAN19.


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I made a mistake. It would be 1:30 AM January 5

wait, Can you tell me the time in EST

Eastern time (For the U.S.) would be 8:30 pm

Sorry can’t make today. I can make on Tuesday or Thursday


Ok thank you I’ll be there

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@Tsumia would you like to join me!?!?

That is SUPERB

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I’ll see if I can join, but I’m not sure at the moment. Knowing it’s 16 hours, it strays me from it, I’ll look for a time I can slot that flight in. These ULH’s are quite perfect for me during school times when I start at midnight and finish at 4PM. But right now, I have freedom so… Also, it’s 0030Z not 1030Z :)

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Unfortunately, I’m not much of a long haul person, plus I cannot do a long haul for this evening. I would love to, but sadly, I wouldn’t be able to do the whole flight.

On a positive note, I can fly the first, maybe, 10 minutes escorting y’all in an F-14 or F-22.

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@Tsumia could you just do the start though?

You don’t have to finish.

That sort of is a waste… If you could do the flight early and make it shorter by at least an hour, I could make it knowing I sleep until 3PM right now. At best, save 1.5hrs

In eastern time, this starts at 8:30pm, correct? If it does, then I can almost guarantee I’ll escort y’all in a fighter for a bit.

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This is midnight my time. I could totally do a 15 hour (max) flight if we go from 11PM.

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