A long flight with FedEx 📦

Today I took my first flight with FedEx. Taking off from Guarulhos to Los Angeles. It was a long 11 hour flight.

I believe it was also the first time I took a long flight from São Paulo, where I live. I don’t remember having done this before.

Now check out the landing in Los Angeles with the takeoff of an Air Canada (user unknown).

Landing video:

FedEx 777F | Landing in Los Angeles | HIGH GRAPHICS | Infinite Flight Experience - YouTube

What’s your tip for smooth landings?

Hope to see you there!


My package didnt arrive!

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OMG! I’m just a humble pilot. Customer service can help you. Wait, we don’t have one. Make a new purchase 🤣

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Trim. Use the trim in aiding to pitch up. And make sure you’re at an optimal airspeed on final. Though smooth landings are not necessary. There’s a saying: “Any landing you can walk away from is a safe landing.”

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