A Long Day of Flying for IFATC At Home!

So as I’m sure everyone know, yesterday was IFATC at Home. First of all, thanks @Tyler_Shelton for the great idea! And secondly, thank you everyone for all the support on This post. That was absolutely amazing. I really wanted to fly into a bunch of IFATC Controlled airports, so I did a bunch of flying yesterday, I flew 5 flights that took a total of 7 hours and 19 minutes. I started at 6:58 AM, went golfing with my dad between 8:30 and 12, and then after 12 I was in the air almost constantly until 8 PM.
These are photos from all of my flights during the IFATC at home event, put into one “compilation”

Düsseldorf to Amsterdam
KLM • E190
22 Minutes
Controllers: @Julius97 (EDDL) • @Edivan_dcds (EHAM)
🇩🇪 • 🇳🇱

Touching down in Amsterdam after a short hop from Düsseldorf!

Fort Myers to Boston
Spirit • A320
2 Hours and 26 Minutes
Controllers: @Joseph_Spinner (KRSW) • @Thunderbolt (KBOS)

Fort Myers is one of my favorite places, and the departure over Fort Myers Beach is amazing, turning North over the turquoise waters Seconds from touchdown in Boston in front of a Martinair MD-11 Crossing runway 15R as a Spirit A321 waits on the runway and a British Airways A380 holds short

San Juan to Crooked Island Colonel Hill (I was originally flying to Key West, but Aspen opened and I want to fly there, so I landed at MYCI)
1 Hour and 56 Minutes
Controller: @Kevinsoto1502
🇵🇷 • 🇧🇸

Climbing out of San Juan flying west

Denver to Aspen
United Express (SkyWest) CRJ-700
44 Minutes
Controllers: @Jeffrey1o2 @ktaviation

Banking into a busy Aspen At the stand in the Rockies with a bunch of CRJs

I finished off the day by flying a fun and short route for @AmericanVirtual
Philadelphia to Chicago
American • 787-9
1Hour and 49 Minutes
Controller: @Darius_Glover

Blasting out of Philly beneath a full moon
The final touch down of the day as we smoke the tires at sunset on runway 10L in Chicago!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!


Nice photos! Btw I sent you a dm regarding a long haul with my group!


Cool shots man! I really like them!


I love the Aspen ones. Both cause I was controlling & because it partially shows one of the busiest times that session. Was really fun!

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Nice photos anyway i saw you depart from Dusseldorf while i taxi to 23L Yesterday

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Huh. When you were at Denver and I was on the ground, you showed up in an American CRJ7. Interesting.

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Nice photos. I love the first Spirit the most

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Thanks for showing up Noah! And as always great photos we should do a flight sometime ;)

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Amazing photos.


Great photos, Noah. It was a fun day yesterday!

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Wow! Very nice photos. I absolutely loved the CRJ7 turning towards ASE

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@MJP_27 thanks! I’ll look at it in a couple hours as I’m not home right now :)

@Edivan_dcds. Thanks! And thanks for the ATC :)

@ktaviation thanks Kyle! Aspen is really fun, but stressful when it gets busy

@GameBoy_KIRB we’re you a Lufthansa A350 or TUI 737?

@Pingu JT definitely wasn’t me in the AA CRJ 😂

@Pertonics thank you! I love the scenery around Fort Myers, it’s awesome

@Kevinsoto1502 thanks for the ATC Kevin! I’m not huge fan of group flights to be honest, but maybe I’ll be able to do one sometime

@APH71 thank you! :D

@Darius_Glover thanks Darius! And thanks for opening Philly, I saw you open for almost 7 hours :)

@Lucas_Piedra thanks Lucas! It’s a really fun approach but seems sketchy sometimes


I was actually the Air France 767 and the KLM E190 Must been you if I’m correct

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Great Shots! and a great day, saw so many airports open 😄

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Yup, finished with 11 hours.


Stunning pictures! I managed one flight (and that one didn’t even have ATC…), but you used the day as it should be done.

Though choice between the KLM Cityhopper and American B787 for my favourite picture. Thanks for sharing!

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Itl be great once you feel comfortable with them trust me😄

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Thanks a lot Julian! When I saw the low moon taking off from PHL, I knew that I was going to take a photo like that 😂

And it wasn’t easy to fly that many routes, especially with a 4 hour gap in the middle, and it definitely got boring at some parts, but it was really cool to see all the airports open and the amount of traffic they were getting!


Great Pictures!

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Thanks a lot! @Murphy

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