A Long C172 Journey

Last week I hopped in the trust 172 and flew a nice long 6 hour flight across the United States!

Departure: KHPN (Westchester County)

Arrival: KMDW (Chicago Midway)

Fuel Stop: KTDZ (Toledo Executive)

Flight Plan: This flight was a VFR flight. I tracked my way to the BRIGGS VOR (BSV) and then flew up to KTDZ to grab some fuel. This was basically to avoid the Cleveland class bravo. I then flew directly from KTDZ-KMDW and landed at sunset.

Cruising Altitude: 8500 ft

Server: Expert

Climbing out of KHPN immediately after a runway 34 departure.

Cruising towards the BRIGGS VOR.

On final for runway 32 at Toledo Exec

Cruising en route from Toledo - Midway

On final for 30L at Midway

Taxiing to the ramp after a 6 hour journey.

It had been a while I’d flown GA and it was a great experience. I hope y’all enjoy the photos :)


love these shots!

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Pssht, 6 hours in a 172 is light work, am I right @ShaneAviation?

Jokes aside, nice shots! GA day was tons of fun, looks like you enjoyed it as well.


Awesome photos Will!