A lock/passcode on the IF app

Are you the single user of your mobile device?
If yes, consider putting a password on it.

I’ve lost count on the amount of times I’ve seen a post like this:

In the past (it’s removed now) the Google Drive app supported it’s own passcode. This was to provide extra security to personal stuff, on mobile devices that are shared by family members.

Do we need a separate password/pincode on the IF app?

Or do we just need to be more clever protecting our own mobile device, to ensure a vicious brother loads you up with some violations…

I don’t see why an additional one like this is necessary. Just use a passcode or whatever your device support and lock out the entire device. Seems a bit over the top to have a passcode for Infinite Flight :)


I have a question related to this. When you log out and want to come back in don’t you already need to put a code? If yes then why not just log out to avoid someone using it…

It would be a pain in the bum if every time you pop out of IF yo another app and then return whilst mid flight then having to put a passcode in…

You can already put passcodes and fingerprint recognition on you mobile devices (updated, current devices). If there’s a concern that someone may get into my iPad and onto Infinite Flight without my permission/supervision, I would change my passcode.

It is an interesting idea though - allowing someone to use your device without having access to infinite flight.

That being said, don’t you need a username and password to join the live servers?

I actually like this idea, considering my Sister has countless times disabled Autopilot while I was away doing something. I think a screen lock where you can still see what is going on is a great idea. So that when a younger sibling touches any button it doesn’t do anything except ask for a password.


This sounds like a great idea. If some people don’t like having a passcode then it should be optional. Unlike others who have younger siblings or kids this would be very useful for flying. I have my own device but I do let my younger siblings look at YouTube so I allow them to have acess. This does really help and I appreciate the help :)


I feel you man I hate when that happens lol

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I put IF inside a folder between some apps, although in my situation I don’t have anybody else would touch this app actually. Just in case :)

I agree with you, for those of us with our own private tablet, just put a passcode on it, to prevent others scoring you some violations or even ghosts.

Who uses a tablet here, which is his own, and only he/she can use?

  • My tablet is my own, and I just need to put a passcode on it, so I have not excuses if my nasty brother does harm to my IF reputation
  • My tablet is my own, but I am not allowed to put a passcode on it
  • I share my tablet with others in my family. Please put a lock on the IF app
  • i share my tablet with others in my, but they know they should not touch the IF app, or else…

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What if it’s my own tablet and I have no one ever touching it and I still have a code…?


There are apps the App Store and goggle play store that can lock apps of you choosing I use it on my phone.

The apps are that small that they would barely affect your memory if you want a password on IF just get an extra app instead.

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I mean, this could be handy, but I wouldn’t really care. I don’t have any siblings, and the only people that can acess my device are my parents, and they obviously wouldn’t mess around with Infinite Flight.
However, this does seem like something that could be handy for people with siblings.
Maybe there’s only a password on Live?

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I think that you can download an app that lets you password protect other apps.
My phone has one prebuilt in it so I just use it

The most obvious culprit for these unwanted IF users are little kids. Someone little wouldn’t think to look in a folder labeled “education”, or to recognize that IF can’t be opened from the search menu (this can be configured in settings). There are already quite a few tricks for apple (and samsung) devices to prevent people from using an app. A passcode seems a bit excessive.

That being said, don’t you need a username and password to join the live servers?

You can usually load IF without needing to confirm your access for “x” amount of times before it surprises you and asks for your login info…so unless that feature can be set for each time you initialize the app…this is not a reliable option for insuring access only for a specific user !!!

But you can log out…

What about the “I share my iPad with my wife but she doesn’t care about my ‘stupid airplane game’” option?


Affirm…but considering l am the only user on my Android device and the start up time and slow wifi compete for dominance …for me l just let the auto log take priority…as l believe most other users do !!!