A Live/Events Category per Region?

We have a Live and Events categories in this forum where we can post things that we want ask or do in IF Live. Would it be an idea to have a Region Category, where we can organise events, plan some joint flying or controlling, ask questions about specific regions? Maybe this can help us get some more activity outside Southern California.

Just a thought.


Good idea I don’t know why SoCal is so popular does any one know?

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It starts with many native SoCal-ers flying in their home region. Where there are many planes, there are many ATCs. Where threre are many ATCs, there are even more planes.

It’s a cycle that has never stopped. People loveflying into PSP too for some reason I have never understood. Popular routes that have been flown thousands of times include:


People love these and thus fly them alot ^.

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Back on topic , ;-)

Agree that having different regions listed would be a big help in setting up and checking for events etc.

As to why SoCal is most popular I guess a couple of reasons is that it is one of the largest free regions with a large range of routes that can be flown. The scenery is pretty great too!!