A live error and account issue.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one this happens to but the number of my landings change very drastically each day. I went from having 110 to 96 the very next day and now it’s down to 93.
How does this happen??
During my flights recently I get a pop-up saying “this user account is already logged in” and I’m unable to connect to live.
Why is this happening?? The past couple days it’s been doing this. No one has access to my account, and I only have the game installed on one device.
Is there a way to fix my landings and this account issue?
Thanks for your help and support.

Hey there
First off to explain how landings work, the number of landings you are currently doing per day will last until the 90th day. The numbers will dissappear after. I recommend practice landing around parallel runways to earn the amount back.

If you have an issue with your account, try logging in or out ( I hope you did ). Or try logging in manually using Google or Facebook (if you have one anyways)

Please don’t hesitate to try contacting any staff. You can email them at support@infinite-flight.com. Any live account issue has been solved with a moderator. I’ll try to continue to help you.


Thanks for responding. I totally understand how the landings work, just not sure how they drop that much within 1 day. You know? Doesn’t make any sense.
Yes I’ve logged in and out a few times. I even tried deleting the app, reinstalling it and then logging back in and the same thing happens.
Also thanks for their info, will definitely be in touch with them to find out why this keep happening.
Thank you so much!!

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Have you tried reinstalling the app? How many times have you been reinstalling it before? Or try restarting your device.

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Regarding the landing count, this may be because you did a day with many landings exactly 90 days earlier (e.g. pattern work).

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Yes I’ve done that also. But it still happens

Okay. So if I did 3 landing in one day… it doesn’t count other that that one day? Wow I did not know that. I thought they counted toward the 90day as a whole. Thanks for the heads up.

Wait, guys I don’t get you either. Are you talking about the 90 day landings or the whole landings?

Can you state what device do you have currently that runs Infinite Flight? Have you got any other device around you?

The 3 landings would be part of the 90 days for the next 90days, but they would be removed from the 90 days on the 91st day.

E.g.: I did 5 landings on February 1. Those landings would count towards the 90 days count for 90 days, but would be removed from it on the 91st day (May 2).

Therefore your sudden drop could result from doing many landings at a specific day, which is now more than 90 days away, and therefore not counted towards your 90 day landing count.

I hope it is now clearer, otherwise don’t hesitate to contact me.

would they still save to your total landings?

Yes, the total landing count is all landings (I believe on one of the servers) combined.

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Okay, cool

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