A little weird ATC?

Hello IFC users, I pretty much know this may not be such a necessary topic but I thought this was very weird of what happened to me while I was coming in for landing at RCTP. I was about almost 20NM from the airport and I was about to announce that I was coming in for landing. Right before I was about to hit send the ATC Controller ended their session. I then thought okay I’ll use Unicom and just tune into Ground when I land. Well not exactly because as I got closer and was almost at touchdown, I get two guard warnings saying “Philippines 2016, you’re in an active airspace, please contact Taiwan Taoyuan Tower on 118.70.” After that, I say okay i’ll Tune into Tower frequency, well I back out of the Unicom frequency and tap the airport icon, I go to frequencies and Tower is not even active. It’s only Ground that was active. That felt a little strange to me. Then I had to initiate a Go Around and so I start doing my Go Around and a few seconds later the same guard message comes back. Then I thought that something is going on. I was actually really nervous thinking that I was going to be ghosted for refusing to contact Tower even though a Tower Frequency was not available. Anyways, luckily I’m fine and I didn’t get ghosted so I’m safe on that one.

Aidan Sanchez

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You should not have gotten an on guard message on short final when a new controller hops on.

Many people sometimes have this issue where they cant see ATC frequencies.
If you want you can contact the controller via PM

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This is a known issue that sometimes tower is not shown in the ATC page.

Ok thanks for the heads up. I actually don’t know who the controller was that was sending the guard messages to me. My logbook doesn’t show the controller name also. It only shows it on reports

Some funky stuff going on with coms. I was controlling RCTP expert. In this situation as long as you are not interfering with surrounding traffic you would not get ghosted. You can even change your callsign to “NORDO” and IFATC will know what is going on. I just restarted my app in case it was me.


You can reset your connection to the live server by turning airplane mode on and off. This should allow you to see the frequency again.

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no it was me - he is at another field


I’m not sure because I had just ended my flight like 3 mins before I posted this topic

Thank you for the help IFC users this topic can now be closed thanks!