A little too many bugs in Infinite Flight. Get a grip!

The last time I had three violations nine days ago and six days ago, and the count of violations should have already disappeared nine days ago. The counter is still at six. What the hell does this mean?

For those of you in the system, please access my messages promptly.

Bruh. Infinite Flight Staff’s end, this is legit broken.

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Hi there,

Doing a quick flight on a server should reset the system that calculates your grade and this issue should be fixed.

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You have to log on to a server and leave, and it should update your stats.

This is an annoying bug that’s been around a while though.

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They are aware of it as this bug has been around for awhile im sure it will get cleared up in a future update :D ( i dont quite know what you mean about Infinite flight staffs end) have a great rest of your day

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t know how to do that, so if you don’t mind, could you tell me?
Also, is it possible to find out the cause of such a bug?

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Basically all you need to do is complete a very short flight, long enough to gain some XP and then end your flight. This should reset the violation system and show the correct information.

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What @Ecoops123 means is just load up a flight as you would, fly around as you would and end the flight that should reset everything :D

Thanks for the reply!

It’s a bug that seems to have been around for a while🤔.
I think it’s a system bug and I’m hoping it gets fixed soon.

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This has nothing to do with restarting device etc… a simple quick flight is the fix :)

Thank you for your reply!

I see. I’ll try it once and if it doesn’t work, I’ll send you another message.

No worries, sounds like a plan!