A little too close. Heading to same direction


Welcome to the playground.


Similar thing happened to me. Three craft landed in a row. It felt like I was landing in ATL.

Just a question, why do you have your brakes set while inflight?


Only problem is your gear is not down, so you are nowhere near landing. You can set auto-brake 1 before final checklist.

I have them on during flight so time i touchdown on the runway it automatic. Why, is because i probaly will forget

Actually he did nothing wrong, the auto brake you set, on the airbus, before you do the approach briefing this is my fault i got confused as IF only has a parking brake sorry for that guys.

I don’t think it only applies to Airbus ;)

Flaps 25 in a 737 will set off the gear warning horn without the gear already in the down and locked position.

I usualy do gear down about 6nm from runway

Is there a craft with Auto brake on IF?

No… (filler)

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Thank you. I guess having the brakes set prior to touching the ground is the equivalent for now.