A little too close for comfort!

This topic is kind of late cause I forgot, so I flew from KLAX-KSAN and the ATC at the time was “aidenthemoose” on ATC Playground and I was on Final and look at this.

No one was told to make 360’s for spacing or slowdown. I would have been on the advanced server but there are never any ATC’s


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5 airplanes within 4NM & 1000 feet of each other, impressive stuff from the atc and the pilots. Anyway its the playground so next time fly on the Advanced Server if you want more realistic ATC :)

I hate the cessna people flying in lax airspace making me do 2 left 360s until their slow plane lands


Lol😂😂😂 don’t know why, that was hilarious

This is normal on the ATC playground Some ATC don’t take the job serious😔

Give the guy a break, don’t see how you can sit there and bag out the ATC on playground server, what is he’s actually trying to learn, and to name and shame the poor guy is even worse,

Ever since the required standing and xp’s when up on advanced server the quality of pilots has improved 2 fold. Most actually know how to space and maintain tight patterns.


In this post I did not want “aidanthemoose” to be made fun of, everyone one makes their mistakes. I just felt that this should have been posted to how unrealistic many people fly on live