A Little Surprise I Made for Someone!

Where did I get showed?

You were one of the A380s. (Hard to tell which) lol!

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@SkyHighGuys, @CJGuitar PM me ASAP!

##Poll Time!

Which one do you like better?


  • Alaska Virtual Promo
  • Qatar Virtual Promo

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For the Qatar Virtual should I redo it?

  • Yes
  • No

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Should I make more promos?

  • Yes, you’re a fantastic promo maker!
  • No, you’re a terrible promo maker!

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Good but not AMAZING

Good job @PlanesForLife :) I am glad to have been contributing to it and wish you and your VA a great time up in the skies of IF

The music in my opinion should be calm music because I seen a lot of commercials. So take Emirates for an example their commercial is very relaxing as this one is not relaxing but very uprising.

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this is the emirates commercial

I don’t want to use copyrighted material!

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So now I’m a bad editor. If only you could do better. 😩😔

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what I mean is find a calming song to use in a commercial the only place I know is NoCopyRightSounds they do have some but it would be hard to find

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