A little story on Quantum Air

Spain has like so many airlines during this time that is either active or defuncted, many defuncted know ones is Spantax and Spanair, But today is a defuncted airline from 10 years ago Is Quantum Air which lived to like 1 year and so so it didn’t live that long

This airline only operates domestic services in Spain and its hub is Palma De Mallorca Airport (not the canaries) and Madrid

It’s fleet is only 5 Boeing 717 that is a short range aircraft that is used for short haul routes in Europe after the airline was gone it was going to Blue 1 but then it also was gone so it was going to delta airlines which has now the airline with the most Boeing 717’s

Back then it was actually AeBal (Aerolineas de Baleares) which was operated by Spanair link which was created in 1999 and did domestic services also but Ceased in 2009 by SAS and Turned to Quantum Air

Only thing which still had some quantum air presentation is the livery is actually in Infinite Flight and not many people use but it’s day since day one

That’s all for today hope you like some more of these stuff or something different


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