A little spotting in a Swiss airport and an Italian one aswell

About a week ago my mum flew from some Swiss airport, Geneva if you want to know, to a Italian airport with easyJet here are the pics! Hope you enjoy!

They were the Swiss airport
These are the Italian airport one

Hope you enjoyed! What was your favourite ones! Also what’s that triple engined private jet called?


Nice shots mate. Just make sure you follow the rules because they need to be clear and able to see the registration.

That’s likely a Dassault Falcon 8X

Great picks. You are not long TL2 and your posting in the #real-world-aviation. Wow
Cant wate to see more

Oh thanks a lot! Just realised a lot of private jets and that private A340

I had 7 pics for #real-world-aviation for when I turned TL2 and then I lost all my pics on my phone. (Sad face)

Rip that’s really sad. I think the Swiss a350 is really rare also that private a340

Also is that a Swiss a350 or a 787 cant tell

Pretty sure the first two pictures are Geneva Airport (LSGG)

Yes they are Geneva thank you

It’s a Swiss Airbus A220 or if your an original person a Bombardier C Series.

I don’t think it is

It is have a look.


Oh right ok I see it now. Never seen an A220 in real life nice

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That’s a Falcon 900EX by the way

Glad to see you were at Geneva haha

Thanks for the plane name

@Zach007 Please go through the thread again. It was a genuine mistake. No need to ask for a “Source”.


You got some nice pictures there. I’ve always wanted to see the a220.

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Same here. Is it me or does the Erj have to little engines for it to fly?

I ran out of likes, but those are great pics!

The ERJ is apparently able to fly with its “little engines” 😂