A Little Spatial Awareness Could Do All of Us Some Good

When controlling on the Expert Server, I have seen an increase in the number of pilots who lack the basic skill of awareness on the ground. Here’s a few things you can do to make ATC’s day easier and improve traffic flow at a busy airport.

“Cleared for Immediate Takeoff”
Basically, this means take off as fast as possible. Don’t pretend to be Grandma Ruth turning at the pace of a snail. If you get this message, don’t dilly-dally, get onto the runway as fast as possible and takeoff. An Expert ATC won’t send this to you for no reason. Usually an aircraft on final, a long takeoff line, etc. are the only times we will send to you. Have some spatial awareness. If there’s an aircraft on final, get your plane out of the airport as fast as possible.

Ground Give Ways
When the airport is busy, please use some common sense when taxiing. Please. If there is a line on one taxiway, please follow the line instead of taxiing on a parallel taxiway risking life and limb so you can zoom ahead and cut everyone else off. This is not a Formula 1 Track.

Also, when ATC gives you a give way command, please follow it. Don’t be a New York Cab Driver and accelerate to 473 knots so you can beat the plane to the runway. Check the map, see where the plane is, and patiently wait for it to pass.

TL;DR:Grandma Ruth, Formula 1, NYC Cab Drivers, listen to ATC.


I really love this reference because New York cab drivers are insanely aggressive drivers 😂 This really needed to be said though, well done!


Agree with what you said @BluePanda900. Just use common sense and follow ATC instruction.

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🤔 I always thought that’s why we had the power of ghosting people.

P.S. people that do these things don’t read these things.


It’d be better if we didn’t need to ghost people for this ;)

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I don’t think your post will change that but if you think it will carry on.

You don’t always put flavor into your posts and topics, but when you do, you can always find me with a popcorn and coke in my hand.

But seriously, thanks for the message. Greatly needed.

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Unfortunately for me this happened when i was in a cab and he ran a red light and we got in a crash

This was a needed reminder. Also, can I mention that people taxi like they are in bumper-to-bumper traffic in California? It’s crazy how close some people get, like don’t worry dude, I had my horizontal stabilizers inspected before pushback…
When I’m at real airports, there is usually at least enough space in between aircraft in line to fit in an A318.

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