A little refresher on cruising altitudes!

Oooohh interesting, thanks

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You’re welcome! It’s good to have a nice little refresher every now and then, you know?!

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I’m not the best with the use of these forums. It may be time to revisit correct altitudes for direction of flight on expert server. Not sure if we could get that diagram on the start up screen for a few weeks with “take a screen pic and study” written on it or something to help on the education side of things.

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It’s more complex than you think:

  • On north-south routes, sometimes it is necessary to change from even to odd mid flight, and the person may be AFK.
  • IRL semicircular rule would often be overriden if there is a brief eastward segment on a westward flight.
  • North Atlantic airspace has its own level assignment rules. Tracks are actually supposed to use opposite of semicircular rule.
  • Several countries around the world use north-south instead of east-west rules.
  • China uses 100ft higher altitudes. IF has yet to implement this for ATC, but a lot of people will fly these when there is no center ATC.

I’m an IFATC Specialist who is fairly well-versed with both the pilot and ATC manuals. According to section 6.6.7, center controllers are recommended to use the semi-circular rules when vectoring aircraft at cruise, however it is NOT required. Pilots should cruise using these rules, though, to avoid conflict, especially if they are under Center coverage. Not something that is mandatory, though. @xsrvmy


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