A little predicament......tax on live subscription?

So I was all set and dandy to buy a new Live+ subscription. I’m too young to get a credit card so I use visa gifts cards if I need to buy stuff online. Now, I’m at $42 on my current card. Which is so frustrating because live is 50. If I bought another $50 gift card, is there tax? (United States) when I buy it through the IF website? Would just a plain $50 gift card cut it?

I don’t think there is. Just plain 50.

I bought my live+ with my debit card but yeah that $50 card should work

Why don’t you try it and find out?


Also is there anyway to put money back onto your visa card?

I checked. You can’t.

So I don’t need to worry about it being $52 and I will have to buy an entirely new credit card?

Can you get live via I app purchase thought iTunes or google play?

Yes. But apple gets a cut of that. Through the website FDS gets 100% of it. It’s just better to buy through there.

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Got it guys! No tax issues at all! Thanks.

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Change your location to a state w/o virtual tax (ex - Delaware) that’s what I did

I didn’t have any anyway. I got charged tax through the app store, but not through the IF website.

I never get that

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