A little more training

Just had to prematurely stop my flight to LAX because someone decided to pop on and reroute me to go around. I was inbound on the ILS to 25L, traffic was taking off in that direction, winds were favorable and i had 15 to go. Part way through my go around the controller decided to get off. What is going on here? Just 10 minutes ago. Can we get a little more training for the controllers or better guidelines. This is not the first time this has happened.


Sorry to hear about the unfortunate experience that you have had whilst arriving into KLAX. I’m assuming this occurred on the Training Server due to the fact that IFATC controllers on the Expert Server must control for a minimum of one hour at Class Bravo airports which KLAX is.

The Training Server is purely as the name describes, for training and is a great server to practice for both pilots and controllers alike, therefore sometimes the service you receive from ATC, might not be as expected. This can be for multiple reasons, including the controller being new to the game (especially at larger airports such as KLAX, EGLL etc.) or the controller may not be versed in the correct usage and appropriate commands.

I would highly recommend flying on the Expert Server if you meet the requirements and if you don’t, I would strongly suggest working hard to achieve them as the experience is better with controllers that go through a theory and practical test before controlling on the Expert Server.

Let us know if you have any questions!


I was in the exoert server but my landings fell out of requirements. Its sucks also because im running the infinite passengers app in conjunction so it messes that up as well.

I completely understand your frustration.

The good news for you is that in the next update (24.2), the 90 day landing requirement for Grade 3 will be no longer. Therefore, if you have achieved Grade 3 in the past (and you still meet the other requirements for Grade 3), you will go back to Grade 3 upon the release of update 24.2 and regain Expert Server access.

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That will definitely be nice! Oh well until then back at it.

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Your PFP from Mojave Air and Space port ? Odd question and nothing to do with your topic hahhaha sorry @GHOST01

I worked there as an A&P for 10yrs. I was getting ready to go on a maintenance flight in that aircraft behind me in the picture.

Wow what a small world, I’m a local as well. See that plane fly often around R-2508. Awesome to think it was you.The background and the screen name gave me a little hunch you may be from around here haha Happy flying @GHOST01

Same to you. Great to meet you!