A little more about the A350s "zorro/racoon" mask and nose geometry

While I haven’t miself seen the A350 in game yet, I’ve seen screenshot and read people complaining about the nose of the aircraft.

So, as anyone who noticed the little difference, I feel the urge to rant

Just kidding of course, just after a little reaserch (ahem Google “A350 mask”), I read this little article written on a Virgin Atlantic related blog. It says and I quote :

So we asked Airbus for an explanation:
“The A350 XWB is the first ever Airbus aircraft with curved cockpit glasses. These cockpit windows offer more than just the most futuristic, aesthetic and distinctive look. The new windshield enhances the overall aerodynamic efficiency of the aircraft,” said Donna Lloyd, Head of Communication Business Partners at Airbus. “The perfectly curved shape of the nose helps the air flow hug the surface, in the least turbulent manner, thereby reducing drag. The emblematic “Ray-Ban” like black windshield eases the window’s maintenance and contributes to harmonising the thermal condition of this temperature-sensitive window area. The slightly concave nose area (seen from the side) offers the pilots an optimal view of the immediate surroundings easing ground operations and making them safer.”

So airbus talks about a concave nose area which is hard to see in pictures (I never noticed even if I spotted it multiple times) and I can actually understand why it may have been hard for devs to copy this design.

Windows tilted down

The really elongated nose

So yeah, there’s no real goal behind this post, just wanted to share something I learned. With that said, I wish you breathtaking flights with this amazing aircraft 🤙


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