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really wanna thank who ever controls Training Server KLAX respect.


It’s all fun and games until you get on guarded by whoever’s controlling there when you’re taxiing at SFO.


Lmaooo @Yacht the accuracy 🤣🤣🤣


100% yacht. Don’t miss those days at all. I’d be like “wait… who… what the… 🤦‍♂️”


It’s like magic.

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Its not easy controlling an airport such as LAX. Its like a US version of Heathrow on the casual server


You usually don’t see these words in a sentence.


KLAX is not easy on the training server - you’ve got many different aircraft who disobey instructions, people who demand to use the inactive runways, people who think they can stay on the approach frequency until they touch down, and then people who just takeoff from the gate.

Definitely not easy - respect to anyone who can last longer than an hour!



I have lasted longer than 1 hour, and the amount of times I had to say ILS approach’s only.


Oh… I love when people request for the GPS when it’s only ILS 🤦🏽‍♂️


I try to be a tower controller at heathrow on training server and it’s just not possible people have no patience and duplicate messages is a nightmare

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I don’t see this happening a lot especially when someone is appreciating services on training server. Always great seeing this kind of stuff.

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It is tough to say the least. However it is a challenge I give myself from time to time to see how long I last. Perhaps we add this category to the IF world record category…longest time controlling at KLAX and EGLL on training server…

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I feel your pain, brother. EGLL tower is usually occupied so I take Approach; all you get is duplicate messages if someone doesnt get their own way - which is usually flying directly to the airport without caring that they need a runway to land on… It never fails to amaze me that people think I’m vectoring them out just to delay their flight or something.

However, look at LAX on the Expert Server today! WHEW! That’s hectic!

But good job TS LAX ATC

I’ve tried this a couple of times, but its hard when people completely ignore instructions/taxi onto runways without permission, etc. I don’t have the IFATC rating to report them/get them out of my airspace, and likewise I can’t make an ATIS on training server, so there always ends up being a line for 25R. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to handle these people?

That happened to me from the KMIA controller on TS while I was at KMCO.

And I want to thank all the controllers at TNCM in expert server right now! That was the BIGGEST traffic jam of my life in IF lol! A lot of dedication and patience is required to control three heavies side by side on the taxiway and like 30000000000 planes in the air XD

Unfortunately, you can’t. That’s just how the training server is sometimes, and you can’t do much about it. You just have to hope that the pilots you get are respectful towards ATC.