A little issue

So I need 3 more landings and then I’m on grade 3 but it’s the 12 months landing and violations one on the bottom and when I get a landing it would put it as a landing so I could get 4 landings in one day and it would only count 1. Plz tell me if I’m doing something wrong or it’s just the game and it’s a bug.

Take a look here. Your stats are calendar based so each day has a number. As time goes on a day drops off.


If you’re doing touch and goes, here’s a few steps to make them count for sure:)

  1. Land on the centre line
  2. Slown your plane down for 2-3 seconds
  3. be on the centre line for roughly 5 seconds
  4. Throttle up
  5. Takeoff and repeat:)
    Make sure you use flaps:)

Bro thx so much for that it works now thx see u in fnf


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