A little history on "New York Air"

Today back in 40 years ago a New airline by Texas Air corporation is called “New York Air”

This Airline is based in new york and Laguardia Airport LGA/KLGA

This airline goes to destinations as the East Coast/Midwest and New York air connection Operated regional flights with Beechcrafts

New york air Had a Fleet of Boeing 737-300, McDonnell Douglas MD-82 and Douglas DC-9s

This airline had history with Competing Eastern airlines shuttle but goes into a cheaper way (Low cost carrier for example)

A few years later in 1987 it was merged into a big airline called Continental airlines which merged with Until 20-30 years later then this airline was forgotten https://airwaysmag.com/uncategorized/lost-airlines-new-york/

This Airline was one of New yorks biggest airlines in the 80s until the success of Jetblue (also based in NY) came by 20 years later
New York Air was well known for its onboard bagged snacks, known as "The Flying Nosh.

(Suggest me some forgotten airlines below if I should talk about next!, or just PM me what so Ever) I hope you enjoy


If only they flew LGA - EWR or LGA - JFK 😩

Haha I’m just kidding! Interesting topic, I loved it! I never really knew about this nugget of aviation history!

Hope to see more from you!

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Now these are the airlines that I wish we had in IF. They’re history is always really interesting.

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Nice post!

The livery reminds me a bit of the key lime air livery, but red.


Looks pretty similar but in Different colors and it’s very cool also :)

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No. Just no. Names do not match for me 😅

I find this very interesting. Literally never heard of it. Nice job!

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