A little fuel issue

Just a question on what does fuel in upper case next do ‘ETE Dest

Many thanks

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If it is:

Red = Fuel Warning.
Orange = Fuel Risk.
White = You have enough fuel.

Those are pretty much the meanings.


Normal it’s orange or red when climbing but it goes white when your cruising (if you calculate it correctly)

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In simple terms you don’t have enough fuel to get the required flight time as shown in the ETE DEST (estimated time to destination in hours), but that’s because you’re taxiing at a slow speed so it calculates the ETE DEST with the slow taxi speed. It should go white once you’re airborne or cruising (if you’ve loaded the correct amount of fuel as required by the flight plan that is) as then you’re at a much higher speed and the ETE DEST becomes more accurate.


Adding to @Luke these vary on things like engine loads and winds aloft effecting range, both in an advantage and disadvantage.

Thanks people!