A little buddy and a collision course

**1) Today I went to SFO from LAX with a “mint to be” JetBlue a321 aircraft

**2) Server - Casual Time - 3:00 PST


A little buddy decided to come join me in a flight. But about 15 minutes later he/she crashed.

A near collision with Turkish Airways at SFO while I was landing




Nice images! I like the one with the Turkish aircraft.


Oh, sorry. Didn’t read that 😂

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Casual will be casual. Great photos, nice little escort you got there.

Woa, watch your center line there, I might have gone around if I was you…

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I couldn’t because If I did we would of collided with each other. Thanks for the tip though.

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is that a bird on the first picture, I liked the pictures, good job

I miss the fun of casual server!