A little breezy in the cockpit

Doing a flight yesterday from KSFO to KORD in a UA 752 when I realized that I forgot to close the captain window at 28,000 ft 😂


Sounds good ig


Oh wait. Disregard my message above. Someone switched it to #live so your good.

Anyway, always make sure that it’s closed


Yea that someone was me and thanks!!

I’ve done that before om a full flight 😂 Very disappointed in myself after realizing it.


well good news for your passengers. You can’t give them a refund since they are all dead.

made this mistake in the past. no biggie


Haha that’s a good way to think of it!

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Tighten up 😂

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Actually the passengers could survive that. The cockpit crew have to have quick-don O2 masks handy anyway. The only thing that would be messy is the aerodynamics.

The only two things messy is aerodynamic and the lawsuits to follow. ;)


I mean, one could always give the excuse that the checklist said “Bleed Air - CHECK” and the captain was just bleeding the air out the cockpit…


That would probably feel the same as when you’re over 10,000 feet in a Blackhawk

Ironically, the flight right after I commented I noticed…


That was me last night lol

How was the temperature up there, I had the PAX door open once when I was at FL380!

NOTE: Always make sure your doors are closed, and windows before you take off!

I mean they could just yk close the window

”In case of a loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will deploy from the overhead compartment. Place the mask over your nose and mouth, and adjust at the front. Oxygen is flowing even if the mask doesn’t inflate. Put your own mask on first before assisting others. Thank you.”

Well no wonder the cabin pressure siren is on

I never close it no matter when, am I insane?

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