A little bit of Tui

This photos were taken on my today’s flight from Munich (EDDM) to Hurghada (HEGN) with the TuiFly livery.

Here is the actual photo I wanted to share:

Shortly before turning left downwind runway 34R at Hurghada

And that’s 2 experiments of mine: I thought what if TUI had other colors than blue and yellow


2nd one is Kulula 3rd one is Pegasus. Great shots haha!


Yeah or S7! I actually liked the color… Wish they wouldn’t be all blue

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Like it a lot 🤩

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Thanks mate

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I actually really like the yellow/orange. Props to you for trying out a new editing style — and making it work.

Well done!

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Thanks man! Tried out PS Express for the first time and just slides around some sliders and became this which looked pretty cool!

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