A little about yourself

Hello ifc!
Let’s tell each other a little about your self!
Here’s mine:

  1. Live in San Francisco
  2. Loves Boeing and Embraers (787, 737, E190 E2)
  3. Has never met anyone on this forum in person
  4. Cruddy devices (phone: 5S iPad (to be upgraded to iPad Pro) Mini original
  5. Have older brother.
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I don’t think that this is needed we can just look at peoples Account and look there.

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That’s true too, but why not have more info?

And not everyone has a bio written.

Yes, as @Sashaz55 says, you just need to touch profile account of any member and read about his life!

Feel free to keep this thread I linked going.


In, I searched before, but I searched “a little about your self”


  1. Wishes he got commission for closing topics