A List of all the Airlines in North America, Europe, Asia (No South America or Australia or Africa)

Here is a list of all the airlines in North America, Europe and Asia: (May not be 100% accurate) (Not in alphabetical order)
Asian Airlines:
-Air China
-China Eastern
-Thai Airways
-Singapore Airlines
-ANA- All Nippon Airways
-Bangkok Airways
-Korean Air
-Air Koryo
-Air Asia
-Asiana Air
-China Southern
-Vietnam Airlines
-Royal Brunei
-Cathay Pacific
-Jetstar Japan
-Peach Aviation
-Spring Airlines Japan
-Vanilla Air
-Air Seoul
-Eastar Jet
-Jeju Air
-Jin Air
-T’way Air
-Aspara Air
-Bassaka Air
-Cambodian Airlines
-Cambodian Bayon Air
-Sky Angkor Airlines
-Beijing Capital Air
-Okay Air
-Shandong Air
-Shanghai Air
-Tibet Air
-Spring Air
-Nepal Air
-Thai Smile
-Nok Air
-Thai Viejet
-Thai AirAsia
-Orient Thai Air
-Lao Central Air
-El AL
-Chrim Nir
-Iran Air
-Iraqi Airways
-Batik Air
-Air Regional
-Spice Jet
-Jet Airways
-Air India
-Afghan Jet
-Saudia Air
-Air Arabia
-Oman Air
-Rotana Air
-Turkish Air
-Syrian Air
-Euro-Asia Air
(There was so many more but I had to stop here and move to Europe)

European Airlines:
-Swiss Int. Air
-EasyJet Switzerland
-Helvecti Air
-British Airways
-Thomas Air
-Thomas Cook Air
-Virgin Atlantic
-Monarch Air
-BA City Flyer
-Scandinavion Airlines
-Next Jet
-S7 Air
-Ural Air
-Red Wings Air
-Blue Air
-Air Bucharest
-LOT Polish Air
-Enter Air
-Norwegen Air Shuttle
-KLM City Hopper
-Air Four
-Air Italy
-Blu Express
-Air Lingus
-Ryan Air
-Air Atlanta Icelandic
-Air Iceland
-WOW Air
-Airlines Hungary
-CityLine Hungary
-Wizz Air
-Olympic Air
-Sky Express
-Hermes Air
-Air Berlin
-Bin Air
-Air Condor
-Air France
-Air Belgium
-Brusseles Air
-Thomas Cook Blelgium
-Austria Air

North American Airlines:
-American Airlines
-US Airways
-Virgin America
-Spirit Air
-Jet Blue
-United Airlines
-Alaskan Airlines
-Air Canada
-Delta Airlines
-Frontier Air
-Hawaiian Air
-Sun Country


Wow. Why would we need this (still is an incredible achievement Lol)?


What does that mean?

Why? I worked so hard!

Where is west jet? West jet is in Canada

And That is why its being deleted? It says on top not 100% accurate!

No I didn’t say delete your post I said I’ve deleted my first comment because it didn’t make any sense.

Sun wing is also in Canada, add it maybe next time.

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Thomas air?, I think you mean Thomson

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No Malaysia Airlines! (Add it next time)

Porter Airlines is in Canada, they only use Q400’s (Add it next time)

You forgot WestJet. That’s the only big one you forgot. But there smaller airlines in America (like charter airlines) that would really be hard to find.

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US Airways has been defunct since last year (October 16, 2015)

Air Canada rouge is a Canadian airline just add it next time.

If you added BA city jet then where is Air Canada Express (add it next time)

You forgot Allegiant.

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why is it funny?

Don’t make it look like North America has few airlines because we have many airlines.

This topic is missing so many airlines in North America